Pop singer/songwriter/actress/model, Lindsey Puente, is the youngest of five children, from the small town of Sinton, TX.

Just turning nine years old in the summer of 2014, with an old soul voice, and a bubbly personality, Lindsey Puente has already co-written and released two amazing pop songs, “Livin’ In A Big World” and “Disappear” with videos.

Her story starts back when Lindsey was 5 years old and getting into acting and runway modeling. At that time she caught the singing bug.

When Lindsey opens her mouth, the voice that comes out is jaw dropping and mind blowing. It’s HUGE! This is why major sports teams like The San Antonio Spurs have asked her to sing the National Anthem and perform at half time shows. She has also performed at NHL games and countless AAA baseball games.

What sets Lindsey apart from other kids her age is the fact that this what she wants to do as a career, not a hobby. No one forces her and she has worked really hard over the past four years to hone her craft. Traveling 3 hours each way to her vocal coach and spending countless hours practicing that would make most adults crumble. Lindsey never complains about anything!

At 9 years old Lindsey has spent 100’s of hours in the recording studio, on set for videos, photo shoots and live performances. Lindsey even found the time to do an intense six day training course with The Septien Group in Texas. Lindsey blew them away by walking in with two original songs, co-written by her.

Lindsey will continue to write, record and make videos as she builds her fan base.

Lindsey Puente is just a small town girl with big time dreams. As she sings about in her original single, “Livin’ In A Big World”.